image0255Here at Rauch Dental Associates, we are proud to offer denture relines for our patients.

Denture relines are done to ensure your dentures continue to fit properly.

Over time your mouth changes. The bone and tissue change shape, especially when you lose teeth. This means your dentures will not always fit comfortably. They may pinch and cause sores.

Dentures that don’t fit can also wear down the bones and soft tissue in your mouth. They can cause more damage if you don’t have them regularly examined and adjusted (if needed). You may get infections and periodontal disease more easily with ill-fitting dentures.

When we do denture relines, we resurface the side of your dentures that comes in contact with your gums. This is done so you don’t get any sores in your mouth, which can be painful and are definitely unnecessary. We want you to be proud of your smile while still being quite comfortable!

If you have any questions about denture relines, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (203) 874-5577.